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URGENT – Democracy is at Stake!

26 March

On Thursday, March 21st, a Parliamentary Private Members Sub-Committee deemed Mark Warawa’s Motion 408 as “non-votable.” The committee felt that the subject of Motion 408, namely, calling on Parliament to condemn sex-selection abortion in Canada,  is outside the preview of  federal jurisdiction and therefore a provincial matter. Moreover, the committee  argued that the government has already taken up the issue under Motion 312 (Stephen Woodworth’s motion, asking Parliament to strike up a committee to study definition of human being) and as such could not be taken up again under parliamentary rules.
Go here to see why the sub-committee is wrong on all counts. 
Despite what may seem like a deliberate attempt to subvert democracy in order to avoid a discussion, we may be able to turn this around, but not without your help!
Mark Warawa has filed an appeal which we have learned will take place WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28 AT 3:30 PM.
Don’t let Motion 408 die! If you have already contacted the Prime Minister and committee members, thank you!

If If you haven’t yet, please do so today! ACT NOW!

Contact the following members immediately by phone or e-mail urging them to allow Motion 408 to be given the opportunity for a vote.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

For phone numbers, see:

Also, contact your local MP on this issue. Go  here to search for your MP. Type in your postal code.

Sample Letter 

Subject: Motion 408

Dear Mr. Harper and Members of the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs:

I am writing to convey my deep concern and dismay regarding the Parliamentary sub -committee having deemed Motion #408 “non votable”. I would ask you not to obstruct such an important subject from being voted upon in the House of Parliament. It is hard to imagine a more timely motion than one, which simply tells the world that here in Canada women are equal persons before and after birth.

I cannot believe that this committee has allowed the politics of abortion to cloud its good judgement on such abhorrent discrimination as  gender-based abortion. If Canada is truly a democracy this decision will be reversed and Members will once again have their freedom under the Parliamentary system.  I urge you to do the right and democratic thing and repeal this decision.


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