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Medical professionals call for and end to using ultrasound to determine sex of fetus

20 February

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada and the Canadian Association of Radiologists are  calling for a halt on using ultrasound for the sole purpose of determining the sex of a fetus. See story here. Stop using ultrasound to determine sex of fetuses, urge doctors, radiologists by Sharon Kirkey Published: February 19, 2014 Canada’s pregnancy […]

Motion 408 – First Hour of Debate

18 March

Conservative MP Mark Warawa’s Motion 408 is scheduled to be debated on  April 15th 2013. The Motion is asking Parliament to condemn “discrimination against females, occurring through sex-selective pregnancy termination.”“ Last June, the CBC conducted a hidden-camera investigation that exposed a majority of “entertainment” ultrasound businesses willing to reveal a baby’s sex in the early stages of pregnancy, […]

I Survived Sex-Selection

04 March

Guest post by Ruth Lobo Shaw My biological mother was poor, alone, and 19-years-old when I was conceived. Being unmarried, she was likely ostracized from her family for being pregnant. Lucky for both of us, she found a convent that had an attachment for single mothers. She found help, support and a home there. We […]

Condemning Sex-Selective Abortion

25 January

What atrocity has ended the lives of more human beings than the genocide in Rwanda, the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia, and the Nazi Holocaust? It is an atrocity many people have not heard of—an atrocity that has been dubbed a “gendercide”—the systematic killing of girls by feticide and infanticide—just because they are girls. So […]

National Post: Battle looming over Tory MP’s motion to condemn sex-selective abortions

16 January

An article in the National Post reports on MP Mark Warawa’s press conference concerning Motion 408.   We either condemn this or endorse this Warawa repeatedly told a press conference that his motion, and the online campaign he launched Wednesday to have Parliament approve the motion, was about condemning a practice that sees female fetuses […]