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Sex-Selection Abortions Drop in India, Nepal After Search Engines Drop Ads for Them

09 February

LifeNews.com is featuring a story reporting that the Indian Supreme Court had directed major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing to no longer carry ads for pre-natal sex selection services. See the story below: If a story in AsiaNews is accurate, it’s not often you see a result as startling—or as quick—as this. Last week NRL […]

The ‘war on women’ that dares not speak its name

19 December

By Barbara Kay,  National Post Since the dawn of the modern pro-choice movement, liberal activists have done their best to equate abortion-on-demand with women’s rights. Make access to abortion easier, the theory goes, and you automatically empower women. But then ultrasound technology, combined with a preference for male children in patriarchal cultures, produced the specter […]