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Documents related to Sex Selective Abortion in the United States:

Official selection at the 2012 “this human world” Film Festival

Women’s Rights without Frontiers
Women’s Rights Without Frontiers is a diverse, international coalition of individuals and organizations united in our belief that forced abortion…
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Protect Our Girls – Live Action Project
Protect Our Girls is a coalition of organizations and individuals across the United States that have joined together to call for a nationwide ban…
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The Gendercide Investigation: Sex-Selection in America
When it comes to sex selection and gendercide, most people think of China, India, and other cultures that are known to prefer boys over girls.
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When technology and tradition collide.From gender bias to sex selection
September 2012, Population Brief by Kate Gillies and Charlotte Feldman-Jacobs
Every year, as a result of prenatal sex selection, 1.5 million girls around the world are missing at birth—it is as if the entire female population of Nairobi simply…

A Global War Against Baby Girls: Sex-Selective Abortion Becomes a Worldwide Practice
May 1, 2011 AEI, Appeared in the Handbook of Gender Medicine, by Nicholas Eberstadt, Ph.D.
Over the past three decades the world has come to witness an ominous and entirely new form of gender discrimination…
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Fertility Clinic Offers Gender Selection, Draws Women From Abroad
A U.S. fertility clinic is luring patients from abroad with the promise of picking their baby’s gender.
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Sex Selection in America: Why It Persists and How We Can Change It
The Atlantic, May 31, 2012
Son preference, missing girls, sex selection: We may seek to label these Chinese or Indian issues, but they exist here in America
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