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Is Sex-Selective Abortion Happening in Canada?

In a word, yes.  Investigative reports by the CBC and the Western Standard found that clinics in Canada, despite officially claiming otherwise, will do ultrasounds as early as 14 weeks to determine gender.  This allows parents to obtain a sex-selective abortion.  Research has also shown that in parts of Canada there is a skewed sex-ratio, with higher than normal numbers of boys being born compared to the number of girls.   The former Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Medical Association Journal even called for a policy that would not disclose the sex of a baby to the parents until 30 weeks gestation.

CBC June 12 2012 News Report: Fetal Gender testing offered at private clinics
A fetus’s gender should not be revealed until after 30 weeks of pregnancy, says an editorial in the Canadian…
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CBC April 16 News Report: Baby sex selection ad targets Indo-Canadians
A Washington-based reproductive clinic is advertising gender selection services in a Canadian newspaper…
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Canada’s Lost Daughters, an investigative report into sex selection in Canada by Andrea Mrozek
June 5 2006 | We’ve heard of couples overseas aborting female fetuses for want of a boy. our investigative…
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Gendercide and sex-selection: Does it happen in Canada? A discussion paper from the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
Toward the end of the 20th and into the 21st century, census data in China revealed a steady increase in birth…
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It’s a girl!” – could be a death sentence by Rajendra Kale Editor (Interim), CMAJ March 6, 2012 vol. 184 no. 4 First published January 16, 2012
When Asians migrated to Western countries they brought welcome recipes for curries and dim sum. Sadly, a few of them also imported their preference..
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NBER Working Paper Series
National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge, MA October 2009
O sister where art thou? The role of son preference and sex choice evidence from immigrants to Canada National Bureau of Economic research
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Sex-selective abortion comes to Canada
September 15, 2007 Sam Solomon, National Review of Medicine
Like it or not, sex-selective abortion has arrived in Canada. The topic made headlines in August because of a protest in Surrey, BC…
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Sex selection education versus legislation
January 27, 2012 Capital News Online
Sex-selective abortion – the practice of getting an abortion because the fetus is not the desired sex – is prevalent in some regions …
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It’s a girl editorial
CMAJ, Sex selection migrates to Canada, February 21, 2012
Easy access to abortion and advances in prenatal sex determination have combined to make Canada a haven for parents who would terminate female fetuses in favour of having sons…
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Coverage of Motion 408

Press release on Motion #408 from MP Mark Warawa
December 05, 2012, Today Mark Warawa, Member of Parliament for Langley, was joined by several other MP’s…
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Sex-selective abortion site, background and petition available from Mr. Warawa
There is a growing groundswell of public support for M408 that has emerged since it was presented in the House…
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Will Choice Trump Even Genedercide?
October 3, 2012, Margaret Somerville
The latest parliamentary effort to address Canada’s total lack of restrictions of abortion came to an end last week when a motion which…
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Canadian sex-selection abortions exposed
July 2006, Theresa Smyth Family and Society Reporter, The Interim
The Canadian disgrace of sex-selection abortion is receiving less attention than pollution, though both may cause skewed boy-girl ratios…
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Other Related Information

Professional Standards

College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia
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Fetal ultrasound for keepsake videos
Health Canada is recommending parents not expose their unborn babies to fetal ultrasound for the purpose of making “keepsake” videos.
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Standards for radiologists Canada
The standards of the Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR) are not rules, but are guidelines that attempt to define principles of practice that should generally produce radiological care.
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Statement on Gender Selection
Healthy Policy Ethics, JOGC
The troubling practice of fetal sex selection has historically been considered an Asian phenomenon. However, recent evidence shows that a similar situation is emerging in North America…
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Canada’s Assisted Human Reproduction Act 2004 5(e)(note only in regard to in vitro embryo)

The Assisted Human Reproductive Act
(e) for the purpose of creating a human being, perform any procedure or provide, prescribe or administer any thing that would ensure or increase the probability…
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Sex Selection and Abortion in Canada, from the Library of Congress
Abortion for sex selection is legal and there are reports that it has been practiced. Sex selection in reproductive technology is prohibited…
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